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Autumn in Herefordshire

Date: 10/1/2020

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Autumn is a lovely time of year here in Herefordshire to get outdoors and enjoy the autumn colours around us from riverside to woodland walks with picturesque views and so much wildlife to see around us. As you walk through the woods the crunch of the leaves beneath your feet, the squirrels are busy collecting food for the winter months ahead. If you’re lucky you can spot the deer as they move through the woods.

The River Wye has been enjoyed by many guests especially over the summer months, warm weather and suitable river levels has seen many canoeists, kayakers and paddleboards. But you don’t just have to be on the water to enjoy the River many fishermen have also been busy on the river banks with many having successful catches.

Throughout the year there are some truly spectacular sunsets across the River Wye, it’s amazing to watch nature at its best- we truly are lucky to have front row seats to watch this.

Over the past few months, we have seen a red kite regularly flying over which is lovely to see as this part of the world we don’t normally get to see them.

Herefordshire is renowned for cider orchards which are filled with apples ready to be turned into delicious cider and the air becomes filled with the aroma of apples. We are located not too far from Weston’s where many of the locally grown apples end up to be turned into scrumptious cider of which you can enjoy a glass of at the Riverside Bar and Eatery on site while over looking the River Wye.

 Autumn at Lucksall