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Date: 6/12/2019

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What a busy few months it has been here at Lucksall with lots of new life being born on the Caravan Park.

The ducks paired up earlier on in the season and made nests throughout the Caravan Park and it wasn't long before we started to see little ducklings appear around the place and watching them grow and slowly become more confident in exploring their new surroundings.

A pair of swans returned again this year to nest in the flowerbed next to the Riverside Bar & Eatery which become a real talking point for all our guests, unfortunately the swans did take to doing their own bit of gardening and pulled up a lot of the scrubs out of the flowerbed which they used to help build the nest. Five eggs were laid and four of which hatched. Once the cygnets were born all the family spent a couple of days in the nest before the proud parents took them down to the River Wye.